Baby H | Orem Utah Newborn Photographer

Remember Mom from here.
Baby has now arrived and she is honestly one of the cutest babies I've ever seen. So small and dainty and she slept like a champ. Either these newborns or getting better, or I'm finally getting a handle on them. Maybe it's time to have my own little newbie if the later is true... on that thought, I'm guessing it's just the newborns. :)


Diana said…
The Yawning picture is so sweet. I do not know how you take all these pictures of newborns and have not yet had another. Just looking at them makes me want another:) Amazing as always!
lauren valeen said…
ohh so cute jessie. i love it. you should have another newbie, it would be sooooooo cute, just like the other two!
Bekah said…
Adorable! Love the newborn pics and absolutely adore the pregnancy pics. Great job. Thanks for sharing.

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