Ed & Ginny Married

This beautiful bride is one of my best friends mom and I can't tell you excited I am for her & this new adventure in her life.
The wedding day started off overcast, and at the same time the ceremony was to start, so did the rain. It poured, and poured some more; and just as quickly as it came it went. Leaving everyone to enjoy the perfect celebration.
Cheers to this couple!


Diana said…
Oh how I love the Green family. I was sad I missed the wedding. The pictures are great:)
gina bina said…
Oh I love these Jess! 1) My mom is so HOT, 2) I love Ed's smile, could he look any happier? 3) I'm so glad you were there :).
Lacy said…
LOVE these! The one with her face snuggled into his is my favorite.
Ashley said…
I love all the new posts. All the pictures are SO great!
these are beautiful jessie! great work!

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