more from this fun session.


Camille said…
Hi Jessie,

I am Toni's cousin and Whitney's friend and I just have to tell you how much I love this photos! Also the engagement photos of Toni and Jesse. They're amazing and I'm such a fan of your work!

Camille said…
(oops) *these photos
Lindsey said…
Really beautiful images Jessie!
So beautfiful. That looks like an awesom location and such a fun shoot. I'm jealous. Great job!
Toni Rose said…
Jessie!!!! You are amazing!!! With out a doubt. I can't wait to take more photos with you. Monday is going to be so fun.
Ashley said…
Ok I love everything about these! Love the location, the models, the canoe, EVERYTHING. Seriously. GOOD.
Kris said…
aaahhh! so lovin' these. Whit, you are a hottie! Great job Jess!
Jess these turned out so great! I hope it worked out just like you imagined cause I think they are gorgeous!
great job jess! these are gorgeous!

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