Jamie & Claudia

So we are racing with the sun to get pictures, as this train drives by and we go running over to get some shots with it in the background.
We all had a good laugh when we saw this go by:

ha ha!
On a more serious note, this was a fun session.
These two are getting married and wanted some pictures that were them. Jamie builds bikes, so he brought his along. Needless to say I was happy and thought it made for some fun pictures.

AND Claudia, here is a little sneak peek for you baby:


Casey Martinez said…
I love the train picture:) lol. That's too funny! I love the feel and the style of these pictures! They are so personal to the people being photographed and I love that. Great job as always!
Claudia said…
I absolutely LOVED my pictures. thank you SOOOO much Jessie. =:o) you're the best!

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