T Family

I grew up in Melissa's neighborhood, and was friends with Ben's little brother so it was fun to see them and their cute girls. My brother and sister in law are also friends with these them, so there are connections everywhere. I have always looked up to Melissa and been really impressed with her!
Thanks again, and good luck with your exciting future you guys!


Love this post...great job Jesse!
Casey Martinez said…
What a cute family:)! I love the color in these picture. So bright and cozy:). I don't know how you do so many shoots Jessie! I just did my first family shoot on Saturday and I am still editing. lol. I gotta pick up the pace! Great job as always!
Ashley said…
Love this family too :) Great job capturing them!
Melissa said…
Thanks so much Jessie. We just got back from Hawaii and I have been wanting to tell you how much I love them! I will be calling your often to take pictures :)
What a small world! We know them from New Orleans (hi Ben and Melissa!) Great images!

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